Recently, as in past 6 months I've been getting really into time management and daily routines. The goal was to find a process where I could free up my mind from unnecessary daily tasks and have a time and place reserved for those tasks, resulting in less stressful life. This post is heavily inspired by Author Tim Ferriss's Podcast, This tweet from Los Montoya (designer at Atlassian, co-host of Late Nights with Trav and Los podcast) and a question Eric Karjaluoto asked on Officehours.

Most people sleep monophasic (once a day) or biphasic (sleep + nap) sleep cycles. Instead I sleep something called Everyman polyphasic sleep cycle. This means at night I only sleep 3 hours and during the day I take three 20 minute naps. As a result I have 20 hours of productive time in a given day.

The Routine

I like to think my day starts after the 3 hour sleep, meaning I wake up at 4:00. By 4:45 I've eaten a light breakfast and I'm ready for some exercise. Usually my exercise consists of 90 minutes of running and 7 minute workout while listening to audio books.

The next 30 minutes from 6:30 to 7:00, I'll spend by taking a shower, meditating and writing. For meditation I currently use guided meditation app called Headspace, which takes about 10 minutes.The meditation helps with calming your mind. Following the meditation I'll do some writing or journaling. For this I use combination of 5 Minute Journal and writing down 10 ideas related to business development or life in general. This clears my mind and helps with forming more clear thoughts.

Journal in Evernote
Journal in Evernote

The whole hour from 7 to 8 I have reserved for taking care of all the mundane daily tasks like paying the bills. Last year I went hardcore with managing my personal finances. So currently I have Apple numbers document showing my finances for the next 12 months and includes pinterest style page for future aspirations. To keep track of all due dates of the bills I have a dedicated calendar for this.

At least from 8:00 to 16:00 is full on agency work excluding 20 minute naps at 9:00 and 14:00. The last nap of the day is at 19:00. Before and after that, I might do some more work, side projects or go out and hangout. The late nights are reserved for catching up with TV, playing Video Games or reading books. Before going to bed at 1:00 I complete the second half of the 5 Minute Journal, reflecting on how the day went.