Virtual reality has hit the tech scene like a storm past few years. Oculus (acquired in 2014 by Facebook with $2 billion dollars) has to be the biggest driving force behind the current phenomena ever since they launched in 2012.

In all honesty VR isn't some new thing Oculus invented. It's more like what Twitter was to blogs. All these VR headsets use advantage of stereoscopic imaging and movement tracking, so when you move your head the world in these headsets rotates as well. Stereoscopic imaging and 3d goggles have been around since the early 20th century. In the late 00's Hollywood was even hit by a 3D bug where every single movie had to be in 3D. In the 90s there were numerous unsuccessful VR headsets that resembled Oculus Rift, except the technology wasn't there yet.

Since the VR headsets and 360 degree cameras have become more commercially available to the consumers, today we have more and more VR content like videos, video games and even movies. Basically we currently have two types of headsets: Google Cardboard based and those similar Oculus Rift. Google Cardboard headsets are designed to be used with smartphones where as Rift requires top notch gaming PC to work.

As I was ordering some gear for our office, I ended up also ordering something called MyFoneKit VR goggles (which are glorified $50 dollar Google Cardboard goggles for your smartphone) to find out what the fuss about VR was all about. Unfortunately my Oneplus 3T has such low pixel density that you can see an uniform grid of black dots when using these VR goggles.

All that aside, these goggles are interesting way to experience content. Unfortunately the technology in these 360 degree cameras isn't quite there yet, plus you are going to need a good internet to stream the content ie. from YouTube. Probably the experience will be better on PC based VR gear, where you are not limited by your smartphones limitations and are not dependent on internet speed. Oculus has separate controllers so you can interact with the world much better than with smartphones (rotate and stare to click). I can't wait till I'll have change to experience some AAA video game titles in VR, since there shouldn't be any distortion that is visible with 360 degree videos. How has your VR experience been?