In 2014 I came across an opportunity to spend half of my 2.5 month long internship, that was supposed to take place the following year, overseas. The original plan was to spend the time somewhere near by the Alps north of Venice, Italy. Something went wrong with the relationship of the two schools that took care of these exchanges. So, I ended up to a small town called Osnabruck in Germany, roughly 80 kilometers away from the border of the Netherlands.

On Friday I finished up my internship ship here in Finland on a small agency called Sivuteollisuus ("Website Industry"). By Sunday afternoon I had packed all my luggage and was heading to the airport. The thing is, this was my very first flight ever. From watching movies and vlogs from YouTube, I had gotten an impression that you are supposed to arrive hours before the gate closes. Turns out, that's not true, at least not at our tiny airport. So I arrived probably 3 hours too early and saw people going in for at least 2 flights before it was our turn. As for the flight, it wasn't that bad even though it was a Ryanair flight. The flight landed around 9pm local time in Bremen, Germany. We were picked up by Wilke, one of the head teachers in the vocational school in Osnabruck, who also took care of our hostel bookings. Originally we were supposed to have the next day free for orientation with Wilke. Instead I started my internship in a local It-agency called basecom GmbH & KG.

Monday began by getting used to the (OH so awesome) bike lanes in traffic when Wilke showed me the way to the offices of basecom, located in an industrial area just outside the city center. At basecom I was introduced to the head of design, Moe (you know, like Moe's Tavern in The Simpsons) and the team. During the next four weeks at basecom I had a chance to work on websites (WordPress and static landing pages), print materials and on ui design for an app. As a designer with a background in web development, what got me by surprise was that how much the design team relied on WordPress themes bought from sites like themeforest. I had always made my themes from scratch and built all the features by myself. Also at basecom I was introduced to team collaboration tools like Confluence, JIRA and HipChat made by Australian software company called Atlassian. With we are actually using these tools with our clients to communicate, document and manage our projects.

After work and during the weekends we did a lot of touristy things, the other student more than me who actually took an effort to visit other cities in Germany. During this time Wilke offered us dinner with his family, three of us went out for beers couple of times and Wilke took us to see a mountain called Piesberg. I spent alot of my free time exploring the city and by shooting photographs of really old houses. During our stay in the city, Osnabruck was also taken over by an annual festival called Maiwoche (May week). That year basecom had released the official mobile apps of the festival. One night we went out as a company for a few beers and for a group photo.

Arriving to BremenBike laneschurchPiesberg viewShopsEmpty street at nightweingrugerWindows of our hostel
Photos from the trip